Ramblin' Sa

Sa, sitting on her Dodge Rambler, was my first friend. We were in the church nursery together--I came on board seven months after she did, and she's always been a little ahead of me. Her first granddaughter was born about 7 weeks before mine was.

She bravely learned to drive with this Rambler and a stick shift. It was a bit bumpy at first. Of course I wasn't allowed in the car when she was learning. But I'll never forget standing at a busy street corner where she happened to be making a left turn. She could not get it quite in gear.  Jerk, bump, jerk, bump ... her car belched across the intersection.

I moved soon after she got her license. We could have had so much fun "ramblin" around in her car! But we've remained friends all these years, through all that life has brought us. We don't see each other often, but are kindred spirits and share much in common. Our roots are deep and our bond is solid.


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