not so long ago

My little sister (code name, lulu) is having a birthday in a few days. I think she has one more baby photo of herself than I do. Or I should say one and one-half, as the one with me in it (below), shows only half of her at best.  The camera to take this photo was loaned to my father as the birth of their third daughter was anticipated. "Here," said his tall, lanky friend with a world-renowned singing voice, "Take this to get a picture of the baby."

So apparently we had not the luxury of a camera in those days. Which may be why photos are scarce of us two middle girls ... and more abundant of the first and last babies of our parents. (My parents taught us much about thrift and have never spent a dime on a television either. The first one they owned was inherited, after I was safely off to college. And each one after that including their current  bigger screen, gifted from a loving nephew who thought their eyesight might need the help.)

A third granddaughter and fourth grandchild has just been birthed to Lulu's son and wife in time to say "happy birthday." This one has her middle name Marian, so now we can call them "the november marians."

The photo at top is of interest to me, even though I've seen it all my life, for it shows lulu at birth, and I was in the same nursery two years earlier.  And since I am a baby nurse, it's fun to peek inside this hospital nursery and see what has changed and what hasn't!  Some things never change, such as the sweet smell of a newborn baby (after his or her first bath of course.)

Happy Birthday lulu, and wee one A.M.M.!


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