45 years ago

I heard someone say tonight that there aren't too many who remember the days when you walked home from school for lunch. The day, 45 years ago, that Kennedy died, I was home from school already, in bed with the mumps. Because I was sick, I got to have the family radio next to my bed and enjoyed listening to the afternoon 15 minute radio soaps. Right at lunch time, eating the c-ampbells mushroom soup my mom had heated up, I heard the radio show interrupted by a news report of the assassination. I popped downstairs to inform the others, and the radio then left my bedside for a more central location.

My dad went out and rented a small TV for us to watch all that was going on. Because I was still housebound, I was home from church Sunday, again watching the news, and was an eyewitness to the murder of Lee H--Oswald, since it was live TV. Once again I had unbelievable news for my family when they returned from church.

Those were turbulent years. Five years later we were in the college library when the news came of the assassination of MLK and soon after (or was it before) R. Kennedy. 

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