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my president

The great General, President of the U.S. during my childhood.

80 year-old torte

My aunt wrote asking if I had my great-aunt's journal that contained a recipe for Krummer Torte. I did, but could not read it well so got the idea to photograph it. Then Aunt could enlarge it and read the exact ingredients and amount. She is planning to make it soon. Obviously she has some sweet (no pun intended) memories of eating this when she was a little girl. Or maybe it was something served throughout the family history. Now I'm thinking maybe I should make it myself sometime.


I knew my father enjoyed a good baseball game, but I never knew him to like football particularly. I was so surprised when my cousin sent me this photo her dad had taken of my parents with some of their sibblings at a Wheaton College football game. I'm guessing they went to spend time with Dad's baby sister, pictured sitting next to my mom with red mittons and a red scarf. They all look happy. I'd like to think I might be the baby on the lap down the row a bit, and I think I figured out it could be. Anyway, I can pretend it's me. There are few photos of me as a wee one, so I'll take any I can get.  :-)