at the snack bar

Here is a photo my cousin sent me of her parents--two of my favorite aunts and uncles.  They are on a date here at their college outside of Chicago in the late 40s. It would be fun to write a story about this photo. I think it's cold, as she has a jacket on, and his is tossed to the side. It looks like they are waiting for ice cream.  Guess when you live in Chicago, you don't wait for hot weather to eat ice cream!

Speaking of ice cream, I remember staying with this aunt and uncle when I was little, and I was having trouble going to sleep as I was missing my parents. My uncle decided some ice cream would help, and sure enough it did! One of those little childhood moments I will never forget!


podso said…
I showed this photo to my aunt (the one in the photo) and she said, no, she was not waiting for ice cream but for a rare hamburger. She had one every night at the "stoop."

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